“The car is the best thing to ever happen to the horse.” >> Chaz Michael Michael

We rode the Nason Ridge trail in Wenatchee a few days ago, passing several enslaved horses on the way up. They were schlepping around some oversized humans that wanted to easily get into the mountains. Thanks to the horses, the path was six inch deep moondust with baby head sized rocks interspersed … but it was worth it! Such a ripping downhill ride. #psyched

The Road From Karakol by Duct Tape Then Beer

An amazing movie by amazing people – Fitz and Becca Cahall at Duct Tape Then Beer. This film just got shown again this past weekend at the Leavenworth International Film Festival – it was palpable how psyched everyone was on it and how much emotion was effectively conveyed. Thanks for this Fitz – such a great contribution.

The Road From Karakol from Outdoor Research on Vimeo.

“The world should not be deprived of this photo.” >> Charlie Berg

Charlie Berg gets nice at Whitewater in Nelson, BC. My most-liked photo every on Instagram, this gem doesn’t show the danger that this ridiculously mellow pow covered groomer posed to our expert skier.

Holy hell, a nicely designed climbing company website! I can’t believe it.

No, seriously. Here it is – click on this link: Menagerie. Complete with some brand strategy, tone of voice, and everything! Woo hoo! Cool. Thanks for the heads up about it Jeurian.

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