“When the passion takes you or the project makes you.” >> Marc Woollard

I don’t really know if my friend Marc was really the first one to say this… but it is the first time that I heard it. We were chatting at work the other day and we were talking about staying late… when and if you should pour yourself into a project. And then he busted this phrase out. And it made sense to me.

Sometimes I get caught between working and wanting to have what I think of as my second day – the day that starts when I leave work. I go home, reset myself, head out for a run or to hit the climbing gym. Then maybe I go food shopping… watch a movie, work on a personal project. And then to bed. Ahhh – there you have it, a nice day within a day.

If I am prepared to miss this second day… if I know and prepare for the fact that I might miss it… it doesn’t bother me too much. But if I am a surprised and have to miss it – boy oh boy. Cranksville. I have realized this recently. And I am working on ways I can head off the second day smackdown. Yea, so there’s that. And Marc’s quote helps me decide and accept which reason I am working for. And then I am not cranky.

But really – two days are better than one.

Mindful Creative // February 24, 2013