The Genius of Loctite

All I can say is that this is genius. You should definitely check out the 12 minute extended cut as well on Loctite’s website. They had me at miniature blinking unicorn. This campaign, entitled Positive Vibes, seems as though it is really aimed at creating just that: positive, endearing, forward thinking vibes for a category that hasn’t seen much since a guy wearing a helmet, hanging glued and stunned in mid air. The thoughtful time that it must have taken Loctite to create a few quirky glue-using personas was worth it: the dance crew is complete with good variety of weirdos that we can all find a bit of ourselves in. Their moves? No, I can’t see myself in those … they are far better dancers. But, I might be able to get nice like they do if I order one of their sweet fanny packs … available now online to all quirky glue-users everywhere. Amazing.

Mindful Creative // February 3, 2015