Let’s drink beer out of a shoe! >> Happy Birthday Rolston 10/24/2012

To My Bruhver:

Yea Rol, you are pretty much a badass. Really. You always have been. Even when you were a dork, you were the most badass dork around. Wait, you still are a dork. But you are most definitely the most badass dork around now.

But seriously. You are one of my favorite people Rolston. All-time. We can laugh and laugh and laugh and remember funny things or just rip around snowboarding together. Then we can laugh about drinking beer out of a shoe or about how mint and chocolate are actually a superior pairing to peanut butter and chocolate (this is true: I don’t care what argument you put up). You love stepping on little Lego pieces. I am pretty sure you still gnaw on cheese blocks until they are moist.

You’ve taught me a lot of things Rolston. But one of the greatest lessons I have learned from you, whether you knew you were teaching it or not, was the value in being a well-rounded person. Thank you for that. It is priceless. You truly are the most well-rounded person I know. Not to mention you are just a really good person. Outstanding, really.

So here is a little picture montage from me to you. I have seen a lot of images of you winning, standing in ridiculous poses, etc. recently… so I thought I would put together a few little gems for your special day to give a good people out there a good cross section of you. I wish I could be there to give you a nice strong indian burn on your arm, punch you hard in the shoulder and make you drink beer out of a shoe while chewing on tin foil. Now that would be love.

Thanks for being so rad. Let’s hang out soon! You are the nicest, coolest, badass I know. And you’re not fat yet! Who knew?

Happy Birthday Bud. XO Anya

Where were you on September 11th 2001?

I woke up to this radio alarm clock that I had had since I was about 10 years old. One of those brown plastic faux wood ones with red digital numbers. The radio came on and the news was quiet and I didn’t pay any attention to what it was actually saying. It was a clear sunny day in Boulder and I was in my junior year of university. My sister Michaela and I were living together at the time and the 10th is her birthday, so I am sure we had gone out and had a few drinks the night before. Regardless, the alarm went off at about 7:30am.

I remember things seeming really quiet. Oddly quiet for the semi-hectic university zone that we lived in. My sister wasn’t in her room and that was weird. She didn’t have to work that day so she should have been milling around the apartment. I looked out the windows of our second story in-law unit that we were renting and didn’t see a soul outside. Starting to actually get a bit disturbed, I padded down the stairs in my sweatpants and t-shirt and heard a TV on at our neighbors house. These guys were totally crazy – I am pretty sure that their favorite thing to do was watch Jackass and try to mimic whatever that jackass was doing. I didn’t really want to go for a morning visit over there.

Walking over, I could hear that the TV had some news anchor on talking in a serious tone. I walked into the jackass apartment and my sister was there sitting with several other neighbors, all looking totally horrified. Then I saw the second plane hit on the live TV. I remember not really even understanding what had happened. Did the plane just disappear behind that building? Um, did it just go through that building?

September 10th 2012 : Happy Birthday Michaela >> Thanks for Everything. xoxo

Today is a tribute to my sister Michaela. September 10th is her birthday and I wish I could be there to go to the beach / have a pool party / hang out / eat some cake. Or maybe we would have a party at a roller rink, preferably one called The Forum. Or we could go to a theme park like Canada’s Wonderland and ride roller coasters and eat cotton candy. Michaela made all of my birthdays growing up really fun. She was older and cooler and would come and hang out with me and all of my random little runt friends. They all loved her too but she was mine … and I loved that.

K la, thanks for spotting me on endless back walkovers and back handsprings. Thanks for not tearing my head off when I would illicitly borrow your clothing and then proceed to spill grape juice or something equally staining on the item. Thank you for remembering all of the most ridiculous things we experienced growing up and then laughing about them with me. Thanks for remembering penny candies, wagon wheels, cinnamon toast and boil-in-bag chili. Thanks for always including me with your friends. Thanks for driving from Kentucky to Tennessee and back just to take me to a concert for a weekend. Thanks for getting me a fake I.D. Thank you for always giving me a compliment even when I don’t deserve one. Thanks for always being proud of me and for basically forming an Anya fan club.

Michaela, there are so many things that I am really glad that you and I share. Sometime we should make a book about all of these things that we remember. I am proud that you and I are sisters and that we come from the same place. I am proud of you. You are a great person. I hope your birthday is great. And damn it, let me know what you want me to get you for a gift.

Love You Tons,

Summer’s here! No wait. It isn’t. It is! Isn’t it? Maybe not.

Charlie and I have been on the move. I think that our travel has been akin to being at a restaurant, getting up to go to the bathroom, and hoping that your food has arrived upon your return. We keep heading out of town in hopes that, when we return, real summer will be here to stay. No such luck.

We have been to neat places though… drove down the 101 to northern California to run free in the redwoods and climb around on the coast. We visited Orcas for a wedding at Doe Bay. I have been to Idaho for a relay run and we ventured up to my motherland to go bouldering (and wait out the rain) in Squamish. It has been great… many 60 degree and cloudy days. A true Northwest summer! Where’s my coat?

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