my work & me

With over 10 years experience in architecture and creative strategy, I am a strategic visual thinker with a dense background in design. I help brands first uncover, then clearly and creatively express their unique purpose and beliefs in ways that people fall in love with.

I believe the most important aspect of any design-focused brand or innovation strategy is insight into human experience. Whether gained via ethnographic research, a quantitative survey, or a guerilla observation effort, I look to people for what they truly feel and need.

By sensitively understanding the competitive landscape and audience mindset, I am able to translate between business and creative teams and drive towards powerful creative outcomes. I capture my thoughts and develop concepts by drawing diagrams and by graphically mapping processes. Creating drawn, tangible artifacts of thought enables constant team collaboration, insightful strategy, beautiful design, and ultimately, meaningful brands.

Some of my tasks and responsibilities:

- Project design
- Workshopping
- Idea development & evaluation
- Creative development
- Brand strategy
- Campaign strategy
- Presentation & storytelling
- Research design
- Business strategy

I have been lucky enough to work with the following clients:

- Philips
- PepsiCo
- Nordstrom
- Lane Bryant
- McKesson
- Goodnature
- Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
- Obliteride
- Madison Reed

In my free time, you can find me climbing rocks, riding snow in the Cascades, running around on trails in the rain, and surfing 58 degree water in the northwest.

My work at Hornall Anderson is best expressed on the company’s website, but some of my earlier steps in this direction are captured the resumé link below.