Mirrors on an elevator ceiling reveal everything.

So I was in Georgia a few weeks ago for a business trip during all of the winter mayhem. Iced over streets, highway parking lots, and sold out grocery stores. I was stuck in a hotel just outside of Atlanta, biding my time until I-75 north was clear (enough) that I could drive up to Chattanooga to visit my madre. Anyhow, the hotel was of little consequence, except for a picture a took in the elevator.

I noticed that the elevator had mirrors on the ceiling. It was weird and a little disquieting, so I just took a picture of myself looking up into them and ended up posting it on Instagram. The picture got a lot of comments, two of which bothered me a bit. They were from old friends, the kind of friends that really know me … and the comments basically amounted to ‘this picture is not you’. Okay, I thought, they are just kidding. I wrote back with a quip, but they were pretty insistent that it wasn’t the me they know looking back at them in the picture.

And so I started thinking, is that me in the mirror? Right now, am I feeling like myself? You know, I haven’t really felt like myself lately. My last post was about waiting for something. And then it hit me … it isn’t like me to wait for something. Nope siree. Regardless, I have been putting off doing things that I once was gung-ho about, things that I wouldn’t have been timid to try to do, things that I would just tear into before.

The question is: why? I am not sure yet. But I have decided that I am not really going to worry too much about the why and instead I am just going to say screw it, and decide to just get things lined up and do them with reckless abandon. Deciding to do that is more like person that should be looking back at me in that mirror.

Mindful Creative // February 18, 2014